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Light the bird!, Light the bird!

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Phoenixville Fireird Festival

We went to the Firebird Festival in Phoenixville last night. It’s a pretty wild event. They build this 30 or 40 foot wooden Phoenix and then light it on fire. There must have been a few thousand people there, vendors, dancers, drummers, and a whole lot of craziness. The crowd grew restless waiting chanting “light the bird. light the bird”. The bird took about 30 minutes to burn down and we were off to play a little after party. We did a warm set inside and a chilly one outside by the fire. Cowmuddy played a great set too. Check out these great photos that Lyla put up.

Fridays Chicken and Porter Christmas show at the Brickette was all the fun plus 1000 times more of what we thought it would be. A great crowd too. Thanks for Steph Hewett, the Chickens, and Brian Pierce for combining forces and making some of the most energetic music possible.

We have a few weeks off now to relax and enjoy the holidays. Our next show is Saturday, January 3rd at the World Cafe Live upstairs with Hezekiah Jones. We’re super psyched for this one. You can grab tickets in advance here.

January and February are looking pretty busy, so check out our schedule and come see us soon.

Chicken and Porter

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Chicken and Porter is the delicious combination you get when you cross the seven members of Wissahickon Chicken Shack with the four of us in Mason Porter. Back in September both bands played in Wind Gap, PA at the AFBA Shindig. Chicken and Porter had been occurring in smaller informal settings and late night jams for several months but this time we decided to take the stage in full force. The result was one hell of a good time.

Thanks for Brian Pierce of Aimless Pursuit for putting up with us while he was doing sound and for recording it; and for the AFBA for being a great bunch of people and supporting our bands.

Take a listen to a few of the tracks below.

Chicken Shack will be joining us again Dec. 12th at the Brickette, you can most certainly expect some Chicken and Porter that night!

Who Broke The Lock
I am a Pilgrim
Lay My Burden Down
Mountain Dew

If Whiskey Don’t Kill Me Tonight, Vino Dei Celfo might

Friday, October 17th, 2008

While we don’t have a moonshine still (yet) Tim has been making some wines over the past year. One look at Jesse’s face below and you’ll understand the pure bliss contained in each sip of Vino Dei Celfo 2008. Tim made some reds and whites over a year ago. So keep your eye out, a bottle just might pop up at a show, unless of course we drink it all, in which case we’ll have to wait to net year.

And if Celfo’s wine wizardry is not enough for you, Joe has been brewing up some home brew of his own.

We have the week off. Next week were at the Brass Lantern in Reading on the 24th and the Taphouse in Norfolk, VA on the 25th.


Vino Dei Celfo

Joe's Home Brew